Asian Diasporic Trans, Nonbinary, Intersex & Gender-Expansive Reading Room Book List

This is a growing, non-comprehensive list of trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-expansive book titles originally created to be included in the Trans and Nonbinary Reading Room for the 2023 Asian American Literature Festival on August 4-6, 2023. In the wake of the cancellation of the Asian American Literature Festival, we plan to continue to distribute this book list to support those interested in teaching, reading and engaging in Asian/American, Asian diasporic and BIPOC trans, nonbinary, intersex and gender-creative cultural work.

This reading list is a work in progress. For now, we are only publishing the list of authors who have confirmed that they want to be on this list and that their book information is accurate on our Bookshop list and on

Although this list was originally started to highlight published books (with the idea to crowdsource for self-published zines and chapbooks), we will also include links to websites and/or other cultural work for those cultural workers who do not have books on the ReorientingReads website.

If you are an Asian diasporic trans, nonbinary, intersex, and/or gender-expansive author/artist who wants to be added to the list, please email us at reorientingreads [at] If you know an author you think should be added to the list, please ask the author to contact us.

November 11 Readers & Curators

Individual Books

Abi-Karam, Andrea

Abraham, George

Ali, Ashna

Chen, Ching-In

Chau Bradley, H. Felix

최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi

Choi, Noah Arhm

Dalton, Chaelee

Dandelion, River 瑩瑩

El Bechelany-Lynch, Eli Tareq

Joukhadar, Zeyn

Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi

Salah, Trish

Wilkinson, Willy



Additional Reads

Individual Books

Asghar, Fatimah

Barrett, Kay Ulanday

Chan, Wo

Cottrell, Patrick

Fajardo, Kale Bantigue

Holt, Jeremy

Hsu, V. Jo

Imbler, Sabrina

Lee, Yoon Ha

Soriano, Jen

Thom, Kai Cheng

Talusan, Meredith

Tsai, Addie